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Maxim Belousov

Rustacean, Crypto-anarchist and Techno-punk.

Hi! I am an experienced team lead, software engineer and open-source enthusiast with an interest in Rust, Python, distributed systems and cryptography.

I am interested in the next technology stack:

  • Rust (Tokio, Actix, Tonic, Diesel)
  • Python (Asyncio, Aiohttp, FastAPI, Pydantic, MyPy)
  • Databases (PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, Cassandra)
  • Distributed systems (CRDT, Raft)

I have quite a good experience in leading backend engineering mostly in Rambler. The main responsibilities in this position were:

  • Technical and architecture decisions with priority in code quality and maintainability
  • People management: interviews, onboarding, 1to1, mentoring, review
  • interaction with business: meetings, planning, discussing business decisions, discussing workflow

Btw I started some open source projects like Hitbox. It is a high-performance caching framework for Rust applications and caching reverse proxy daemon.

In addition, I am an information security analyst and cryptographer as part of my university specialization.

As a hobby, I really like embedded development and working with some Linux-based devices such as PinePhone, PinePhonePro, PineTime etc.



  • Information about me and my personal interests.