pub trait TeamLead<Team> { }


Head of Media development team.

Since 2018, I have become the head of the development team. With a team we were able to mostly solve all the problems described:

  • We are rewriting all Aggregator parts with actual ML algorithms and technical stack
  • Rewrite core API with Rust.
  • Rewrite parsing component with Rust
  • Remove all caching layers instead of one
  • Latency has decreased by about 10 times
  • Incidents count has decreased by about 10 times
  • Resource costs have decreased by about 20 times
  • Re-select and rewrite all DS workers
    Btw in the development team’s area of responsibility includes such projects as MediaUp, Horoscopes, Weather, and some others.

As a Head of the development team, I chose all technical decisions about application architecture and infrastructure.

Backend architecture closest to News rust core API and had the same technology stack.